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Much attention is paid to the pyrethrum yields when growing pyrethrum, and this is related to different pyrethrum plants, clones and/or breeding programs, and between countries, regions and even between farmers.  There is sometimes confusion and miscalculation of yields. 

There are 2 main yields to consider on a per acre or hectare basis: 

  1.  Kilos of active pyrethrins 
  2.  Kilos of flowers

By far the most important yield is kilos of active ingredient per acre/hectare.  It is always better to have higher pyrethrum content per flower head, thereby creating a better opportunity for higher yield per acre/hectare and higher income for the farmers.  Certain clones may produce more flower heads or larger flower heads with lower pyrethrum content and result in reasonable pyrethrum content per acre/hectare.  While the total pyrethrum content can be good, the extra energy to harvest, dry and process the lower pyrethrum content flowers consistently results in higher production costs for farmer and processor.