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Pyrethrins have been called the perfect insecticide based upon its many features.  Pyrethrins are effective on a broad range of insects and yet present a very low risk to humans and pets when used around the home.  Pyrethrins are a contact insecticide and repel or kill insects that are present, but degrade rapidly in the environment leaving no residue after several hours.  Since Pyrethrins are extracted from Chrysanthemum flowers, it is a sustainable product that fits well into "green products".

Mode of Action

Mode of Action
Mode of action describes how pyrethrum interacts with an insect to produce a toxic effect.
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Entomology discusses the effects of pyrethrins on different insect types.
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Pyrethrins Health and Safety
Pyrethrins have been extensively studied for their effects on the environment, including people and animals.
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Environmental Impact
From toxicity to degradation, pyrethrins have a more favorable environmental profile than many other pesticides.
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Pyrethrum vs. Pyrethroids
Pyrethrins are extracted from Pyrethrum flowers and Pyrethroids are manufactured compounds.
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