Pyrethrum is a broad-spectrum insecticide. This means that its activity is not focused on a particular group of insects but rather, on a broad range of insects. The mechanism by which the pyrethrins found in pyrethrum affect the insect nervous system can be found in the Mode of Action section.

Pyrethrins have a unique ability to induce excitation behavior in the target insect. This excitation behavior is characterized by erratic and increased movement by insects. This is sometimes referred to as ‘flushing’ action. This flushing action induced by pyrethrins is highly desirable; because of the increase in movement, it often results in increased insect exposure to pyrethrins. This characteristic of insect exposure to pyrethrins is highly sought after.


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Pyrethrins are the active ingredient in many products used in many markets such as:

Home & Garden
Products that control insects in and around the home or garden

Animal Health
Products that control nuisance pests on animals or around animal premises

Crop Protection 
Products that protect growing crops from crop damaging insects

Public Health 
Products that protect the public with government mosquito abatement programs

Professional Pest Control   
Products that control pests in residential and commercial accounts

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