Pyrethrins Health and Safety

Pyrethrins and Humans

Pyrethrins are not readily absorbed into the skin of mammals.  If pyrethrins are introduced into the body of mammals through breathing or ingestion, the body will quickly metabolize pyrethrins causing them to degrade and break down into non-toxic metabolites.  Excretion of the parent compounds and metabolites occurs through the urine and feces.

When used in products according to the directions for use, humans are exposed to such very low levels of pyrethrins, orders of magnitude lower, than levels that show adverse effects in animal testing.

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Pyrethrins are the active ingredient in many products used in many markets such as:

Home & Garden
Products that control insects in and around the home or garden

Animal Health
Products that control nuisance pests on animals or around animal premises

Crop Protection 
Products that protect growing crops from crop damaging insects

Public Health 
Products that protect the public with government mosquito abatement programs

Professional Pest Control   
Products that control pests in residential and commercial accounts

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