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Pyrethrum Production

New Areas Growing Pyrethrum

The world’s pyrethrum production has gone through some significant changes the past 10 years.  Just a few years ago, pyrethrum had surplus inventories worldwide.  Today, pyrethrum is one of the more sought after insecticides in the world.  This is due to the increased demand for this highly effective natural insecticide and some decreased production by certain producers.

Pyrethrum, an agriculture product, is subject to the influences of climate, disease and economics.  In addition, some political issues have had a negative impact in certain growing areas.  All of these factors have contributed to the recent worldwide production pressure.

The traditional growing areas of East Africa and Australia continue to increase their pyrethrum production with Australia and Tanzania making the largest contributions in the past few years.  With this said, demand continues to grow faster than production.  While newer growing areas are also making significant efforts to increase production, this additional pyrethrum has been very small thru 2010.

As the world production increases at unprecedented rates, we will soon have the sufficient supplies of this highly effective natural insecticide.