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Pyrethrum Completes Final Stages of Reregistration

Data Requirements Met

Pyrethrins were first registered as an insecticide in the 1950’s and are used to target many different types of flying and crawling insects and arthropods. Pyrethrins are registered for use in agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial, and public health sites.

Even though pyrethrum is a botanical extract, EPA currently manages it like a conventional synthetic chemical, which means the maximum data requirements have been met to maintain the registration and support all of its uses.   All of the necessary mammalian toxicity, non-target organism toxicity studies, and efficacy studies have been completed, just as if it were a conventional synthesized material.  More safety tests have been done with pyrethrum than is typically done with pharmaceuticals and have demonstrated when used as directed on pesticide labels, pyrethrum does not cause undue adverse effects to humans or the environment. 

Pyrethrins were on the first list of pesticides to go through Reregistration beginning back in the mid 1980s.  The major pyrethrum producers and marketers formed the Pyrethrins Joint Venture at that time to combine forces to meet all of the Reregistration data requirements for pyrethrins.  After 25 years of work, and $18,000,000 pyrethrins-based products are being reregistered with minimal changes or loss of uses. 

We anticipate final labels of reregistered pyrethrum-based products to start arriving from the Agency the beginning of calendar year 2011.  With that, Reregistration will be completed.