Products and Industries

The botanical insecticide pyrethrins is the active ingredient in a wide variety of insect control products for many different industries or markets. 

  • Household flying insect killers, crawling insect killers, and yard or garden products available to consumers may contain Pyrthrins.
  • A Professional Pest Control Operator might use a pyrethrin based fogging concentrate to fog for insects in commercial or residential accounts.

Products and Industries
Aerosol Spray

Home and Garden
Pyrethrum products are used in household insecticides, plant sprays, yard and garden products.
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Animal Health
Pyrethrum helps prevent and treat insect borne infestations on pets, livestock and horses.
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Crop Protection
Pyrethrum products help protect growing crops from harmful insects that could potentially reduce the yield and value of the crop.
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Commercial & Professional
Pest management professionals commonly use pyrethrum products to control pests in residential and commercial accounts.
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Public Health
Pyrethrum is a key tool in mosquito control programs to reduce annoyance and in disease mitigation campaigns in public, residential, crop and aquatic areas.
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