Animal Health

Products for Use on Both Companion and Livestock Animals

Vet with cat  Biting and stinging insects can cause serious health problems for companion animals, livestock, and poultry.  Pyrethrins are used to control nuisance pests on animals and in-and-around animal premises. 

Controlling insect pests on or around livestock production improves the animals living conditions and eventually has the power to impact overall facility profitability as well.  Insects cause stress to animals which can then decrease their milk or egg product and impact animal growth.

On animals pyrethrum products include:  spot-ons, sprays, back rubbers, dips, dusts, pour-ons, shampoos and more. 

Premise products include:  ready-to-use and pressurized sprays, wettable powders, fogging and misting concentrates and more.


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