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Pyrethrum is a botanical insecticide which is extracted from a species of daisy flower (Tanacetum cinerariaefolium).  Pyrethrum is the active ingredient in products for use in both conventional and organic pest control.  Pyrethrum provides superior insecticidal performance against a broad spectrum of insect pest species such as:  aphids, thrips, leafhoppers, fruit flies, cucumber beetles, flea beetles, spider mites and many other insects.  It is also one of the few insecticides allowed for use in Certified Organic Production of crops in the USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


  • Pyrethrum may be used on most all growing crops
  • Pyrethrum is fast acting, it quickly knocks down and kills pests when applied alone or used in a tank mix
  • Pyrethrum quickly breaks down in sunlight, leaving no residues
  • No preharvest interval – allows application up to and including the day of harvest
  • May be tank mixed with other insecticides to excite insects out of hiding and into contact with the tank mix partner for faster more complete kill

Pyrethrum rapidly degrades in UV light.  Therefore applications of insecticide products to growing crops - outdoors, in greenhouses or nurseries, or in smaller gardens – in the early evening or even on overcast days allow the product more time to control insects. 

Although botanical, pyrethrins are an EPA registered active ingredient.  There is a full data package of toxicological and chemical data to support the registration of the substance and its uses. 

Pyrethrum is a contact insecticide that disrupts the normal functioning of the insect’s nervous system, resulting in a characteristic and rapid knockdown and control of the target insect.  Pyrethrins are often synergized with insecticide synergists such as piperonyl butoxide which block the enzymes responsible for the detoxification of pyrethrins, thus allowing more insecticide to reach the target site in the insect’s nervous system.

Crop protection pyrethrum products include concentrates, dusts & sprays.

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Pyrethrins are the active ingredient in many products used in many markets such as:

Home & Garden
Products that control insects in and around the home or garden

Animal Health
Products that control nuisance pests on animals or around animal premises

Crop Protection 
Products that protect growing crops from crop damaging insects

Public Health 
Products that protect the public with government mosquito abatement programs

Professional Pest Control   
Products that control pests in residential and commercial accounts

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