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Pyrethrum products are important tools for Pest Control Professionals and Exterminators.  Pyrethrum controls a wide variety of insects in a wide range of situations which gives the professional flexibility to choose a pyrethrum formulation to fit the specific needs of each account or client. 

Pyrethrum is a botanical insecticide which:

Acts Quickly – Acts with the insect’s nervous system to quickly knock it down and kill it.

Allowed in Sensitive Areas – Because it has a low toxicity profile for humans and mammals and a short residual activity, pyrethrum can be used in areas that other insecticide options can’t such as commercial kitchens, hospitals or schools.

Flushes and Excites – As the Pyrethrum works on the insects nervous systems the insects immediate response is to get excited and increase movement.  Often pyrethrum products are used in conjunction with other insecticides to excite or flush insects out of hiding and into contact with the companion insecticide.

Just as the types of accounts that professional pest controls encounter are different, so are the options for types of pyrethrum products to use and ways to apply the products.  Some of the types of applications include:

  • Indoor Surface Sprays
  • Indoor Space Spays (Fog or ULV Spray
  • In Indoor Food Areas
  • In Indoor Non-Food Areas
  • General Outdoor Premise Spray
  • Pet Premises
  • Transportation Equipment
  • In Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Facilities and Premises

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